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  • Heater Repair and Replacement

    Commercial heating systems can become stressed over time, especially during severe winter temperatures, your system may stop function as efficiently. It takes longer to heat your business, bills are higher, or your system is running more often, then it may be time to call for heater repairs. Our highly trained technicians are always prepared to find a fix, no matter what model or brand of commercial HVAC system you have.

  • Furnace Repair

    With Mechanical Temp, furnace repair is just a phone call away. Our technicians offer commercial furnace repair and maintenance services. You can get your furnace and your business back up and running with us. While we offer an upfront explanation of the problem, we also let you decide the best way for your business to handle it before we begin repairs.

  • Furnace Maintenance

    You know the importance of maintaining your heater when you own a commercial space. Proper commercial furnace maintenance ensures your system will operate safely and efficiently, protecting your business and helping you maintain your bottom line. Our team at Mechanical Temp can partner with you in accomplishing this goal.


  • Rooftop AC Installation

    Commercial cooling comes in different sizes and shapes. Depending on factors like desired temperature, the area which the office is located, and the number of anticipated cooling days per year, you may choose to cool your installations may differ. To ensure an optimal setup, we recommend that AC installation be completed by a qualified HVAC professional, like Mechanical Temp.

  • Rooftop AC Repair & Replacement

    The last thing you need on a sizzling summer afternoon when the productivity at your office is high, is for your air conditioner to stop working. If your air conditioner kicks the can and you need service fast, you need Mechanical Temp!

  • Rooftop AC Maintenance

    If your air conditioner isn’t emitting cool enough air, or your space feels humid, it may be time to call air conditioner maintenance near you for reinforcements. Count on the experts at Mechanical Temp to deliver quality HVAC service and maintenance whenever you need us.

Commercial Refrigeration

It's important to keep your food at the proper temperatures. Whether you need to replace, repair your refrigeration, we can help. We also provide maintenance programs to keep you up and running.


  • Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Service & Maintenance

    Mechanical Temp has managed a diverse range of refrigeration projects in various industry sectors, including food and beverage, automotive, retail, grocery, floral, and storage for over 15 years. Our experience and knowledge of most commercial and industrial walk-in coolers enable us to service both current and older models. Our service technicians are skilled and responsive troubleshooters who have extensive training and field experience. Whether it's system troubleshooting, servicing, repairs, analysis, or maintenance, you can expect a prompt response and reliable solution from our technicians.

    When you need walk-in cooler repairs at a moment's notice, our team keeps your business afloat with quick response times.

    If your walk-in cooler fails, your temperature-sensitive items thaw out quickly, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in revenue. Mechanical Temp knows the importance of keeping food, flowers, and even pharmaceuticals cold, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency walk-in freezer repairs to save your products.

  • Ventilation/Exhaust Systems

    At Mechanical Temp, we provide full-service commercial kitchen ventilation repair services. Our certified technicians are experienced in determining and repairing any problem you may be experiencing with your kitchen's exhaust hood or fan and can service all makes and models of equipment. Our team has worked with many restaurants in the area, all with different ventilation systems, and have been able to restore each of their airflows quickly. To ensure your restaurant's ventilation system is properly circulating air, we offer year-round preventative maintenance plans that allow us to catch exhaust problems before they begin. We have monthly and annual payment plans, allowing you to select the right option for your business's unique needs. When you give us a call, we guarantee upfront pricing and services that are warranted.


Commercial Boiler Repairs, Maintenance, and Annual Inspections in Southfield from Mechanical Temp's CSD-1 Certified Technicians.

Keep your building compliant with annual boiler inspections from Mechanical Temp!

If your commercial or industrial business has a boiler, by law, it must be inspected annually. This keeps your employees safe, your boiler working efficiently, and your costs low! However, not just any company can inspect a boiler; they must be CSD-1 certified. At Mechanical Temp, we have a team of technicians who exclusively service boilers and are certified in inspecting them.

Mechanical Temp

Our technicians have serviced boilers for over a decade and are knowledgeable of all their components. We continue to further our education in commercial boiler repairs, maintenance, and inspections to ensure we can serve you with the highest degree of quality craftsmanship.

Boilers are older machines, so repairs are best left to the certified experts at Mechanical Temp.

When your boiler stops working, you can rely on our 24/7 emergency service to return the heat to your commercial building. Our team's commercial boiler repairs are fast yet efficient, never compromising the quality of work to move on to the next job. All of our work is done by certified professionals who know and understand the complex inner workings of boiler systems, so each repair is built to last.

Benefits of Our Boiler Maintenance Plan:

  • Lessening the buildup of harmful scale over time
  • Locating small problems before they turn into costly emergencies
  • Keeping your boiler system running at the optimal level of efficiency
  • Annual boiler inspection by CSD-1 certified technicians, keeping your building compliant with state and city laws
  • Replacing or installing a new boiler takes a trained eye; don't take a chance on a company for a lower price!

Other Services We Offer

  • Air Filter replacement.
  • Descaling tubes in chillers and boilers.
  • Cooling tower Descaling and cleaning.

Call us today at 313-282-4758, and one of our associates will come out and survey your facility's mechanical systems.